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Sedation Dentistry

Many people have paralyzing fears of having dental procedures done or even just going to the dentist! That's why we have incorporated Sedation Dentistry in our practice. Dr. Catchings has been specially trained in many facets of Sedation in order to best accommodate those who really need it. 

What is Sedation Dentistry? It is giving the patient medications which can produce a sedative effect on the person, so that they have a relaxing pleasant experience while having their dental work done. Depending on the patient, this could mean using nitrous oxide, taking pills or even using an i.v. Patients often fall asleep while under sedation!

Often times, patients request that we "knock them out" in order to do their dental procedures. Completely "knocking someone out" with general anesthesia is rarely needed for dental procedures and carries with it some inherent risks that are seldom necessary to get the desired result. It is Dr. Catchings belief that general anesthesia should be done in a hospital setting. Sedating a patient puts them in a state of great relaxation and allows them to remember what an awesome experience they had while in the office. In our office, almost all patients who have had sedation begin to change their thinking about what a dental experience is like. They remember such a great experience that they become willing to skip the sedation for future visits!

Dr. Catchings is very thorough in determining if a patient is a sedation candidate. She first gets in touch with the patient's physician to confirm that the patient is healthy for sedation. Then she gets with the patient to perform a health assessment, confirm the plan, and discuss what will work the best for them. Only after taking all of these precautions can an appointment to do the procedures under sedation be scheduled. 
In order to keep patients safe, Dr. Catchings has seen to it that we have state of the art monitoring equipment for patients while they are undergoing treatment. She also personally monitors the patient during the entire appointment, ensuring the best outcome possible. While Dr. Catchings monitors the patient, Dr. Bradford does the patient's dental treatment. We feel this provides the very best of both worlds so that neither aspect of the procedure distracts the dentist and the patient receives care in ultimate safety and comfort. 
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