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I have always hated dentists. The pain, the costs, I’ve always put it off. I am so thankful for Dr. Bradford and Dr. Catchings. Everyone has been GREAT! Dr. Bradford has saved me so much money and he is so gentle and kind. I even fell asleep during my root canal. I’ve never been able to take a nap during a dental procedure. They are so gentle. Everyone is great at this office. I am blessed to have found them to make my smile prettier. ~ Amber



Bradford and Catchings dentistry,

Will improve your whole family,

Improving each tooth and smile,

With such a professional style,

People now won’t stop and see,

The old smile that used to be,

Instead they’ll knowingly nod,

At a smile that’s perfectly shod,

Your smile is advertisement alone,

At how much care they have shown.


If you need a confident smile,

Well then go that extra mile.

Go to Bradford and Catchings,

And see the happiness it brings,

A friendly staff, good atmosphere,

Takes away the sting of fear,

In the end you’ll not regret,

That you have came and met,

The wonderful Fishersville orthodontists,

The best anywhere there is dentists.

Written by Cheryl E. Gideos


Drs. Bradford and Catchings and the ladies are so nice to me. They pulled my tooth out so good I didn’t even know it until they showed it to me. They even let me watch a movie. ~ Anastasia Kurtz, 6 years old


O.M. Goodness!!!

What more needs to be said? I came here for a special that was in a flyer that came in the mail. Was it ever so special. I got so much more than I bargained for. A great receptionist … felt as if I’ve known her for a long time. Exceptional care from all of the hygienists … treat me like royalty. Now as far as Dr. Bradford, I could not have picked a friendlier dentist. Anything I ask him for, he will do his best to help me. I sure enjoy all the great conversation we have while I’m visiting. Overall, a wonderful experience! Come and check it out for yourself. Happy customer. ~ Sandra K. Bosserman


The words of praise that I give to Dr. Henry Bradford are exceptional. He and his staff have been the best of the best. As far as I am concerned with dentistry, I have had three other dentists in my lifetime and none of them compare to him as well as his staff of assistants. Just a little word of what he’s done for me. I had very discolored teeth as well as receding gums. He has crowned every one of my teeth and also I have undergone three gum transplants. I explained to him that I wanted my teeth Hollywood white as well as perfect. I now have that. It’s always a pleasure to see each and every one at the office when I go in for my routine visits.  He’s a very exceptional man as well as dentist. I couldn’t ask for anything better. One of my biggest fears growing up and until I met him and his staff was visiting the dentist. Well, I’m here to testify that’s not the case anymore. I have him to thank for that. And also for my gorgeous shiny Hollywood white teeth. I want to also add it’s more than dentistry there, it’s family as well.


Clay Harris


To Dr Bradford and Catchings and all of the staff,

Leslie and I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate and thankful that we are to have “found you” since we settled in Virginia. Your kindness and warm welcome have meant a great deal to us. You are “all” very special! Thanks so much.


Dennis and Leslie Bowen

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